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COPYRIGHT of project protected by Kpop Kingdom OFFICIALLY.Please post this in every forum that you may possibly find Moon HeeJun & H.O.T fans WITH FULL CREDIT & Info, full quotation.

Kpop Kingdom is making a clip for Moon HeeJun.

The objective of the clip is to make official statement from the fans around the world to record the achievement of Moon HeeJun in the industry, together with fans' support, and let him know that there are so many fans who appreciates his music and believe in him and his music.

We understand the issue of the anti fans...we fans must send him to military service with love and support.

The name of the clip will most probably be something like [History of Moon HeeJun : his influence and dedication to music and his fans].

It will feature history of Moon HeeJun, message clips from fans, and highlight of his achievement and influences to Korean Music Industry as started off by being a leader of the legendary group H.O.T, head of the artists in the pioneer of SMtown, handles composing, producing, choreography, and became a solo artist etc.

Maybe anti fans will try to do something about it but we don't have to care

about them.

All we want to do is to give the world what Heejun has done, and to give him the appreciation and support before he goes to military service. Because he should not leave to military base with a sorrow but with knowing he is appreciated and gifted.

For those who are not too familiar with Moon HeeJun, he is scheduled to join the military service in this coming December.

Even you are not a die-hard fan of Moon Heejun but appreciate his music and dedication and what he have done so far to Kpop industry, you are welcome to participate in the project.

The final clip will be directly sent by us, to Moon HeeJun himself, PS Studio (owned by Moon HeeJun), SM Entertainment (the original artist management Moon HeeJun debut from) , Korean medias. And we will announce this and spread all over in internet.

Way to participate

1. Deadline and requirement for all the clips from fans

-Nov 10 Thu - Deadline for all the clips to be send in by fans.

-Clips should be sent to :

-When sending the clip, must name the email with [Msg clip to Heejun]

-In email, must include name (or nickname if prefered), and both city & country of the fan located

2. Requirement of the quality of clips from fans


-5.1 mega pixel / 640 (standard) or better is prefferd. If not, try to make close to this.

*This is a PREFERRED size. Doesn have to be this if you cant get it. Even if the quality is slightly lower, its acceptable. We just don't want those really small ones...

3. Requirement of the contents of clips from fans

Any of the followings are welcomed. ALL IN GOOD view. No antis or bashings allowed.

We won't include that in the final clip anyway.

-Message to HeeJun (solo, group, etc is ok. You can hold his banner etc its up to you!)

-How his music influenced them / music industry from the fans view

-What they think of his music

-A clip that features graphic / drawing / letter / rooms etc for heejun.

-mp3 msg is also welcomed.

*** Any suggestions, ideas are welcomed! Please post in THIS tread. Not PM. Thank you!!!


*This project has no affiliation with the artist management of Moon HeeJun.

This is a project that is dedicated to Moon HeeJun for his passion, talent, dedication and love to his music and his fans.

*If you are interested to involve in the project team, as more than sending a

message clip, do ask. You are welcome.


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