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CastleOutsider Moon Hee Jun + H.O.T Fan Club's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
CastleOutsider Moon Hee Jun + H.O.T Fan Club

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Moon Hee Jun update [20 May 2008|03:48pm]

I meant to post all this before but I got busy. I intended to update these things on LJ each week, so we'll see if I can start doing that...If you want to get Moon Hee Jun stuff as soon as it comes out, you have 3 options. PCF (My general asian pop culture forum), WAL (My H.O.T Fanfic/Fandom forum), and DTH (The Dedicated to H.O.T forum)


Message From Hee Jun to Chinese fans

Message From Hee Jun to fanclub

Hee Jun manages schedule with military discipline


Mnet.com interview - "The two-sided Moon Hee Jun"


True Game 04/15

04/17 on Bobpers

04/17 radio show

04/18 on A'st1 show

Music Bank 04/18 perf

(audio) 04/18 on MC Mong radio show

Hee Jun 04/19 on Happy Shares Company w/ Kyu Jong (SS501)

(audio) 04/20 on Starnight radio

04/21 radio show

M!Countdown 04/24 perf

04/24 radio show

Vitamin 04/25

Hee Jun on Happy Shares Company preview

Inki Gayo 04/27 perf

04/28 radio show

M Super Concert 04/29 perf

(audio) 04/30 on MC Mong radio show

Happy Shares Company 05/03

05/03 on ETN

Star Golden Bell 05/03

Live Power Music 05/03 perf

(audio) 05/05 on radio show

Mystery Commando 05/08

(audio) 05/08 on radio show

Happy Shares Company 05/10

Moon Hee Jun singing Kim Su Chul song (On Star King 05/10)

Star King 05/10

Six Feeling Confrontation 05/11

Sang Sang Plus 05/13

Military Gayo on YTN Star 05/14

Mystery Commando 05/15

Hollywood Bowl 05/17 perf (clips)
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Moon Hee Jun update [15 Apr 2008|06:05pm]



Hee Jun arranges for new singers to dine together

Moon Hee Juns H.O.T pictures becomes the hot topic

Moon Hee Jun has a princess bed

Radio Transcriptions in English:

Moon Hee Jun 04/09 radio show interview

Moon Hee Jun 04/11 radio show interview


Hee Jun 04/03 SBS radio show

Hee Jun 04/04 SBS radio show

Fantasy Best Friend 04/06 (Full episode)

Hee Jun 04/07 on Melon Radio

Hee Jun 04/09 radio show

Hee Jun 04/09 Mnet Wide News

Hee Jun 04/10 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 on Ast'1 show (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/12 Cultwo Show (audio only)

Hee Jun 04/12 KBS Star Recipe (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/15 on Power Time
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Win Moon Hee Jun's Special Album [13 Mar 2008|09:39pm]

Win Moon Hee Jun's Special Album

We're having a fanfic contest at WAL with the prize of Moon Hee Jun's Special Album. Come check it out and enter!
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Register for Moon Hee Jun's fanclub (2008) [14 Feb 2008|09:38pm]

SidusHQ posted news on how to register for Moon Hee Jun's fanclub, I've translated it from Seasonhot's translation so it is VERY rough. If anyone can fill in the gaps or correct me, PLEASE DO.

Original sorce: SidusHQ
Chinese translation: HERE (If you know Chinese, please take a look and help out with my translation)

[Application times]

February 18, 2008 (Monday) ~ on March 7, 2008 (Friday)

[Membership dues + activity time]

- Membership dues: 35,000 won (About $38USD)

- Deadline: 1 year (Or, that's how long your membership lasts)

* (http://www.sidushq.com/star/mhjun) issues date of an announcement a year from the official website

* The possibility of the deadline may vary

[ Methods to Join]

- Bank account number: 1002-636-210172

- Swift Code: HVBKKRSE

- Account address: WOORI BANK CHUNG DAM DONG BR.

- Amount: 35,000 won

- To: You Chang Woo

- You may use on-line banking, telephone, ect. Please keep any documentation you receive

- You must complete your application in the time given, starting February 18, 2008

- Benefit 1: You may participate in public broadcasts, and in activities

- Benefit 2: Official fanmeetings

- Benefit 3: (I have no idea)

- Benefit 4: You will get a membership card and light stick

(1) Fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Japan, ect may participate

(2) You will recieve official goods (Meaning you will not have to participate in an activity to recieve goods, they will be mailed to you)

(3) For overseasa fans, please pay your fees in the correct amount in your own currency (if you need help, please consult your local bank)
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Kimsubang Express 02/10 (HQ) [12 Feb 2008|04:23pm]

Click MeCollapse )
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Kimsubang Express 02/10 [11 Feb 2008|01:42pm]

Come See~Collapse )
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New H.O.T fanfic forum [27 Sep 2007|06:58pm]

We're created a new fanfic form for mainly H.O.T fics. Come check it out~

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Hello~? [03 Oct 2006|08:57pm]

This community went dead...Its a shame...

Maybe we should go back to the cgi board?

Ah, but what we??? Everyone is gone!
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[27 Mar 2006|03:51am]

Hi, I am new here and i am so so super happy to see this site. ^_^ I think Hee Jun have a good voice and super good at composing music.

I am looking for his PVs. Can anyone help me with it?? Thanks. Sorry.
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Irohke [17 Jan 2006|04:33pm]

I have come to advertise a new Tony An community dedicated to graphics and media. Hopefully once there are a few more members it will hold regular icon contests and other such Tony graphics & media goodness...

_irohke _irohke _irohke
_irohke _irohke _irohke
_irohke _irohke _irohke

If this is not allowed here, please feel free to delete this post.
X-posted to alot of communities, sorry for the multiple posts on your friends pages (_ _')
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Heejun myspace group! [18 Nov 2005|12:21am]

Show ya Junie luv and join my sad little heejun myspace group! (right now it only has 2 people in it cuz I jus started it)

(if u dont have myspace please join and than join my group)

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ok.. *sigh* [05 Nov 2005|07:38am]

ok imm gonna have to start selling my posters now LOL (and im not dealing with that auction shit or ebay) i wanna get cam a niiiice christmas gift this year ^^ so im gonna part with my babbies *sigh sigh* next week i have like 3 days off so im gonna get pics and everything to post em up. donations are welcome for a little boys smile on christmas morning LOL! im half way kidding.. LOL!! but yeah, for those that dont have a credit card ur ok, cuz .. as unsafe as cash is.. -o-;; im going to have to go that way. personal checks, money order, or concieled cash, cuz paypals a bitch and makes me pay to use it ;;; so yeah. ill get that ready for yall~ sorry its been a while, i just got a new job at jcpenny , want a bra fitting? ^^ puhaha! half way kidding; LOL! ^^ but yeh its funny to go into the BL and see that its gone to hell in a handbasket hah hah hah~ little bitches -o- lol! but yes!! i will be back! but for now i must sleep for a while~~
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Project [27 Oct 2005|02:40pm]


Click for detailsCollapse )
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Some Vidz [20 Oct 2005|03:44pm]

I'm sorry but I had to take the links down. Please forgive me . I will post other links up if I have the chance to upload the vidz
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Hee jun tribute video [11 Oct 2005|03:55am]

I made a hee jun tribute video thingie.

you know those videos fanz like making for their idol? Well..its one of those things. I hope y'all like it

The song is Hero by Mariah carey

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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HeeJun interview [05 Oct 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I found this at soompi forums and thought I should share it here. When I read some of this...I cried SO SO HARD.

you might wanna grab a box of tissuesCollapse )

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Monkeyland forums [04 Oct 2005|12:44am]

Here is a good forum I just discovered : [URL=http://s14.invisionfree.com/monkeyland/index.php?act=idx]Monkeyland forums[/URL]

Itz a cool forum to go to and anything goez! There is also those forum gamez everyone luvz to play! please come here and spread the word to other people

Its a new forum..and when I was told about it..I went to it and loved it and signed up right away

hopefully its aiight for me to ad. this.
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His Story [01 Oct 2005|10:32pm]

A friend of mine made a Hee Jun cgi, please come check it out! Shes a really good fan, so I hope her cgi does well, and I hope to see you guys there ^^


To see the cgi without frames - http://board5.cgiworld.net/list.cgi?id=ayumi

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[news]Moon Hee Jun – Jang Woo Hyuk, “H.O.T. Must Bind Once” – One Voice [30 Sep 2005|01:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]


*squeals* They wanna reunite..or well , they wish to..at least once! Actually..not just perform on the same night..an actual one!

I hope this happens!

H.O.T?????Collapse )

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Some recent hee jun pix! [29 Sep 2005|06:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok..so I have returned with some hee jun pix! phwahahahahha!

The first two I got from his official website. moonheejun.co.kr

the others..well..I dun remember where I got them, They were on my comp. so I decided to upload them and share them!

Wanna see the pix??? They are yummy! Hee jun looks sexy..as usual. I mean , I look at the pix and wanna drool. When I first saw these pix I thought "wow"

well..do you wanna see the pix?


are you SURE?

Click the link then! what are you waiting for!

CLICK THISCollapse )

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