chelcie (castleoutsider) wrote in coforum,

ok.. *sigh*

ok imm gonna have to start selling my posters now LOL (and im not dealing with that auction shit or ebay) i wanna get cam a niiiice christmas gift this year ^^ so im gonna part with my babbies *sigh sigh* next week i have like 3 days off so im gonna get pics and everything to post em up. donations are welcome for a little boys smile on christmas morning LOL! im half way kidding.. LOL!! but yeah, for those that dont have a credit card ur ok, cuz .. as unsafe as cash is.. -o-;; im going to have to go that way. personal checks, money order, or concieled cash, cuz paypals a bitch and makes me pay to use it ;;; so yeah. ill get that ready for yall~ sorry its been a while, i just got a new job at jcpenny , want a bra fitting? ^^ puhaha! half way kidding; LOL! ^^ but yeh its funny to go into the BL and see that its gone to hell in a handbasket hah hah hah~ little bitches -o- lol! but yes!! i will be back! but for now i must sleep for a while~~
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