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HeeJun interview

I found this at soompi forums and thought I should share it here. When I read some of this...I cried SO SO HARD.


4jib ComeBack Moonheejun "I only wanted to provide music to everyone."

MoonHeeJun has sent his fourth album "Triple X" for everybody.
Wishing to use the "X" to cover his name.

"Moonheejun's music, Moonheejun's Rock, Moonheejun's record album... But on the other hand, he wants to erase the idea of MoonHeejun ONLY provides music. In Fact, besides his name, not one single picture of him is included in his new album.

During the 2 and half hour interview with HeeJun, He said " if I only could have the opportunity to speak my innermost feelings with Anti fans.."

-During that period, there were many arguments and topics regarding you-

The majority who carelessly slander and making defamatory statements of fact about others without knowing the basic fact.
"If [Rock qualifications card] really exist, then I really want to take the test" , "I only like rock" , "being called the artist" ...Sometimes Heejun tells these kind of jokes to his fans during concerts.

-Ever felt hurts and suffered because the Anti Fans?-

Honestly, I've thought about committing suicide. I nearly reach to the degree of suffering the "people avoidance sickness". During the making of this album.. it was to a degree where about 6 months I dare not to leave my house..

-Then what about the "I only eat cucumber to live." statement... -

It's true that I was on a diet before working on the 3rd jib activities. At that time I want to obtain a full stomach, but I must eat food with low calories, so I only had some cucumber during those 3 months. But as soon as that statement was broadcasted in a program, I received many accusation and finger pointing from the Netizen. Afterward..My family never mention the word "cucumber" again.. and I absolutely will not eat cucumber again.

-Special Title-
Put me aside, I only want to battle with music, I wish to defeat and leave victory in the music. An average song in this album took up 3 months to make, therefore 9 songs are equal to 2 years.

-Army Force Issue-
I will be entering to the force at the end of this year. I've received my notification during May, I would probably be serving as level 1 of military services statuses.

-The song "easyØá" in your album is aware to be your own statement to the public-

The society has accepted Japan's 'trashy' culture; I feel very grieve about this. I do not want the title of this song to use the Japanese language, so I decided to use English and Chinese character combination instead.

Please Note: easyØá does not make sense in korean, because it is suppose to be a japanese word meaning "Being bullied" or "Being Harrassed". Since Heejun didn't want to use the japanese word, he made up the similiar pronoucation using English word 'easy' and Chinese word 'Øá'(ma) [ÀÌÁö¸Å].

-Many people cannot associate Moonheejun and Rock together-

I sincerely like Rock very much... It's just likes a person who extremely wants to eat rice, but you said to him, "you go eat the bread, you only can eat the bread", don't you think he would feel very oppressed? Not one time I would have such idea that Rock is more superior to Dance. If I only do rock because I just wanted to fool around because I am bored...then I should already give up after the 1st and 2nd albums.

-Attending Game shows-
There were times when I am very afraid to meet anyone..But after the release of this new album, I feel happier and finally begins open my heart..
Without prejudice opinions against my music and I, I have many more new fans now. I feel that as long as I am not as nervous as before, then I can do my best at my last activities.

Translation creditx: Kiwi_JTL_HOT@ go_hot
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